Bring on the Lucy

A Short Story by Simon Downham-Knight “Alright, boys. This is it. Over the hill.” John Lennon – Bring on the Lucie (Freda People) I’ve been a vegetarian since I was eight years old and a vegan since I was fifteen. I fucking hate meat: the smell of it, the taste of it, the feel ofContinue reading “Bring on the Lucy”

The Shiny Green Lustre Of Folk Horror By Nasir Ali Hussain

“From the brown, bark trees, the green hanging leaves, the stone faerie forts to the power and fury of the horned, cloven-hoofed god.”   It could be said that where science fiction is concerned with the future, and fantasy with a time that never was, the genre of the supernatural is almost always moored in theContinue reading “The Shiny Green Lustre Of Folk Horror By Nasir Ali Hussain”

The Before and After Of HeadCleaner By Nasir Ali Hussain

I tend to see my life in distinct parcels of time. Each parcel containing its own distinctive tone, flavour and character. A certain trigger event will then occur and I will find that I have entered into a new parcel of time, a new era of life. The trigger event can be a change inContinue reading “The Before and After Of HeadCleaner By Nasir Ali Hussain”

Let’s Play By Nasir Ali Hussain

When I was eleven years old a new kid joined our class in the last term of school, the one before the summer holidays. His name was Manfredo. He had short, light brown hair that curled at the ends, but was otherwise straight. He also had startling blue eyes. Manfredo was the second shortest kidContinue reading “Let’s Play By Nasir Ali Hussain”