Hidden Shallows Presents:

Simon and Nasir have been friends and each other’s fiercest critics since they met at the Callan School of English on Oxford Street in London late in the year 2000. Their first project together was the short film HeadCleaner, which was shot and edited in 2002 ) The inception and creation of this caused them to fall out, big time, and they would continue to torture, nurture, criticise and help each other for the next twenty odd years. Nas feels he rarely takes offence at what Simon says or his contempt for certain beliefs but feels Simon routinely takes umbrage against things he says or what Simon thinks he believes. Spiral Staircase is their attempt to bring their work from off of their hard drives and out into the world. You could argue that it should all just stay on their hard drives, but they would disagree, With all these years of animosity behind them, what could possibly go wrong?

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View of Eastville and the ancient oak from the field by Ridgeway Cemetery in Bristol