Simon Downham-Knight

Born in 1970 and raised in London, Simon is a writer, magician and filmmaker who has made his home in Bristol. His most recent screenplay, Solange was a semifinalist in the 2020 Shore Feature contest. He has written two previous screenplays, Lizard Point and Vincent & Vida and made several short films and the web series This is Brenda. He is currently busy writing short stories and novelising Saint Solange. Simon is a big film buff, horror fan and has a deep interest in Magick, Witchcraft and the Occult. He is a proud father of one.

Nasir Hussain

Nasir was born in Harrow where he still lives. He is a writer of short stories, novels as well as articles on film and music. Whilst at university he indulged in a little improv comedy with friends and still harbours hopes to perform stand up one day. He has worked as a legal executive and has also owned and run a school where English as a second language was taught. Nasir is currently working on a folk horror novel.  He is also in the process of editing  stories and articles he has written over the past fifteen years. Nasir is a fan of The Sopranos, The League of Gentlemen and M R James as well as a recovering heavy metal junkie. He is married to a woman whom some say resembles Melania Trump and is the proud father of two young children.

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