This is Brenda – Part 1

A Web Series in Several Iterations Brenda & Annie The idea for the first iteration of Brenda came about in mid 2002. Before then I had not had any real awareness of, or any interaction with the transgender community. At around that time I met three women in various stages of their transitions. One ofContinue reading “This is Brenda – Part 1”

The Beckoning Stars Way Beneath Us

A Short story by Nasir Ali Hussain “Why struggle to open a door between us when the whole world is an illusion” Rumi The night was almost as striking as she was. Alice was pretty alright, in this soulful, doe-eyed way that could make a certain type of man yearn and burn. Maybe that wasContinue reading “The Beckoning Stars Way Beneath Us”

Saint Solange: A Ghost Story for Christmas

By Simon Downham-Knight “Eleven-year-old runaway, Kevin arrives at an isolated boys’ home run by sinister and brutal monks. After witnessing a ghostly apparition, he realises his life is in danger and he must plot his escape.” Last week, I celebrated finishing a rough first draft of my upcoming novel Saint Solange, by spending a dayContinue reading “Saint Solange: A Ghost Story for Christmas”