By Simon Downham-Knight

It being the middle of February, it’s definitely too late to say Happy New Year. There have been a lot of life changes and reasons for the lack of posts from both Nas and I. Him with family commitments, me with moving and struggling with the death of my friend, Clinton. We’ve both been working on longer pieces and have both finished first drafts of novellas and are busily working on the second. Nas is currently working on two pieces that he hopes will be ready for posting soon and is currently in Pakistan with his family.

I’ve just finished a novelette that I will be posting on Friday. It’s called Three Colours Pants and it’s about childhood in the late seventies. I took the three colours motif from Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Three Colours Trilogy from the 1990s, which I confess I have never seen. I know that he took his motif from the colours of the French flag; I have taken mine from the colours of the Union Jack and it’s a trilogy of sorts about three pairs of underpants that takes its three story structure plus prologue and epilogue from Pulp Fiction but the similarities to both films end there. It took two weeks to complete and I aim to keep this creative roll going and have several ideas ready to start.

So, come back on Friday for a taste of my pants.

Copyright 2023 – Simon Downham-Knight

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