This is Brenda – Part 1

A Web Series in Several Iterations Brenda & Annie The idea for the first iteration of Brenda came about in mid 2002. Before then I had not had any real awareness of, or any interaction with the transgender community. At around that time I met three women in various stages of their transitions. One ofContinue reading “This is Brenda – Part 1”

The Beckoning Stars Way Beneath Us

A Short story by Nasir Ali Hussain The night was almost as striking as she was. Alice was pretty alright, in this soulful, doe-eyed way that could make a certain type of man yearn and burn. Maybe that was the problem? The perennial problem of beautiful people is that they always seem to believe thatContinue reading “The Beckoning Stars Way Beneath Us”

Saint Solange: A Ghost Story for Christmas

By Simon Downham-Knight “Eleven-year-old runaway, Kevin arrives at an isolated boys’ home run by sinister and brutal monks. After witnessing a ghostly apparition, he realises his life is in danger and he must plot his escape.” Last week, I celebrated finishing a rough first draft of my upcoming novel Saint Solange, by spending a dayContinue reading “Saint Solange: A Ghost Story for Christmas”

HeadCleaner: A Novella by Nasir Hussain

Part 2: May 2002 Things felt decidedly awkward for Nasir in the days and weeks that followed his no-show. Even though he now worked mainly at the school in Fulham he still came in for a few hours a day to teach at the Callan School in Oxford Street. The school was a huge place,Continue reading “HeadCleaner: A Novella by Nasir Hussain”