HeadCleaner: A Novella by Nasir Hussain

Part 1: September 2001 A hand was held out for Nasir to shake.  “Hello, my name’s Simon.” Nasir could not remember standing as close as this to somebody so tall. The top of his closely, cropped hair came up to Simon’s chest. Simon, though soft and fleshy around some parts of the body, was notContinue reading “HeadCleaner: A Novella by Nasir Hussain”

Mr. Rafferty’s Ruffians

A Short Story by Nasir Ali Hussain. Warning: Contains bad language and depictions of sexual violence. Mr. Rafferty was my Science Teacher in High School and I believe that he was a genius. Microbes, corpuscles, enzymes and neutrons held few mysteries for him. He had pretty much mastered the complexities of the atom, neutron and Proton too. But,Continue reading “Mr. Rafferty’s Ruffians”